heather graham

Heather Graham

Occupation: actress,model
Date of Birth: 29 January 1970
Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Height: 5' 8"
Relations:Sister: Aimee Graham (actress); ex-companions: Kyle MacLachlan (actor), James Woods (actor), Elias Koteas (actor), Stephen Hopkins (director), Edward Burns (actor)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Sign:Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Libra
Education: Dropped out of UCLA
Career Start:
Twin Peaks


On the 29th day of January 1970, Heather Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A few years later, her parents would have another child, Aimee, who was to follow in her big sister's footsteps. While her strict-Catholic father was busy learning antiterrorist techniques for the FBI, Heather would attend her very first elementary school in Virginia article continued below....

Continued Biography

where she had very fond memories, particularly of the landscape and people. Later, she would attend Sumac Elementary School, followed by Lindero Canyon Middle School, and finally, Agoura High School, where she would spend some of her worst years. While studying there, she always felt that she didn't really know how to talk to people. Boys would have no time for her. People would tease her for being "flat" (little did they know). She was even considered a sort of "theater geek" by her classmates. As is the case with many of Hollywood's brightest, established stars like Harrison Ford for example, Heather was never considered part of the 'popular' crowd.

Her family life didn't seem very comfortable either, as tension seemed to be growing between Heather and her parents. Though her mother would drive her to Hollywood for auditions, once Heather began to pick up work and especially now that she is the hot ticket, a certain "weirdness" developed (Heather is not the only actor in the family), one that would eventually result in little or no contact among the family members. Ultimately, Heather was more than glad to escape Agoura, although she was voted "most talented" by her senior class.

However, as the story is told, talent alone won't get you far in Hollywood. Heather went from job to job, working as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl, landing various roles over the years in movies such as License to Drive and the critically acclaimed Drugstore Cowboy, and appearing on the popular television series Twin Peaks. She eventually decided to enroll at the University of California at Los Angeles. There, she majored in English, but dropped out after only two years. It was, however, at UCLA where she first read one of her favorite books, The Brothers Karamazov. Little did she know that Dostoevsky would indirectly play a part in her love life. In 1992, Graham landed a small role in Diggstown, starring James Woods. Apparently, Woods spotted her with a copy of Karamazov and was impressed. Though she thought the older man (45 at the time) was interesting, Graham wasn't quite sure about her feelings for him.

For the next few years, she would go on to play various roles in films like Six Degrees of Separation, Don't Do It, and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Throughout this time, she won the admiration of several filmmakers, including James Toback and Jon Favreau.

One night, as legend has it, Favreau took Graham to go swing dancing, and 18 months later, she played Lorraine in the critically-acclaimed Favreau vehicle, Swingers. Toback eventually got his chance and cast her in the upcoming film, Two Girls and a Guy. 1997, however, was to be the year of Heather's big "breakout". Her mesmerizing performance as a blonde nymphet on roller-skates in Boogie Nights launched her into the stardom that was long overdue. She even made a cameo in Scream 2, spoofing Drew Barrymore's "Jiffy-popping" first victim from the original and subsequently appearing on the Scream 2 'babe' panorama cover of Rolling Stone. Soon after and in the months to come, the actress whom people hardly ever noticed would be gracing the covers of various magazines with her offbeat grace.

Heather has said her good-byes to the indie world now that she has a CAA agent and a modeling contract with Emanuel Ungaro. Her upcoming films include the huge-budgeted Lost in Space, (where she met her current boyfriend, director Stephen Hopkins), the controversial Two Girls and a Guy, and Bofinger's Big Thing (Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy). After the release of these films, you can bet that you won't be seeing her convulsing in a convenience store or in the middle of a coke-addled stompfest any time soon.

  • Was voted "Most Talented" by her Agoura High School class.
  • (1998-2000) Dated actor/director Edward Burns.
  • Modeling contract with Emanuel Ungaro Liberte Had to turn down the female lead in the film Rounders (1998) because of scheduling conflicts.
  • Dating director Stephen Hopkins Older sister of actress Aimee Graham.
  • Was fired from Scorchers (1991).
  • Graduated 1988 Agoura High School, Agoura Hills, CA Dropped out of UCLA her freshman year to pursue acting
  • Worked at Toys R'Us when she was a teenager
  • Was forced to turn down the lead role in Heathers (1989), because her parents thought the language was too risque.
  • Heather's father is an FBI agent. Her mother is a schoolteacher/author.
  • (2000) Engaged to Heath Ledger

Contact Heather
Heather Graham C/O Creative Artists Agency 9830 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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