Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Birth Name: Katie Holmes
Occupation: actress

Date of Birth: December 18, 1978
Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Height: 5'8"
Father: Marty (lawyer); mother: (homemaker); siblings: has three sisters and one brother; companion: Chris Klein (actor)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Food: Pretzels with Salsa
Joshua Jackson, Kevin Eastland
: Attended a Catholic all-girls school in Toledo; Deferred enrollment to Columbia University

"I wanted to be an actress, but I'm from Ohio. I told myself, 'Get a grip.'" 

Mini Biography

Much like their Party of Five counterparts before them, the cast members of WB's Dawson's Creek learned that network television is a great place to be young, beautiful, and sexually frank when their series generated a tidal wave of interest among teenage viewers following its January 1998 premiere. Though she came to the show with considerably less professional experience than her castmates, actress Katie Holmes quickly distinguished herself with her tart-tongued delivery and emotional vibrancy. Along with legions of youthful couch potatoes, a slew of Hollywood producers and directors did a double-take, and the doe-eyed, long-legged Holmes filled her first summer hiatus from the daily grind of series television by making three movies. more....

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